Lavender and Grace Delicate Designs

Kayla Gabelhouse, Designer of Lavender & Grace has a bright future ahead of her. Her classy, simple designs are trendy and affordable. She loves creating personalized everyday jewlery that will go with any look.

Q: Explain the meaning behind the brand Lavender and Grace designs?

A: When I was thinking of a name, I was living in a house that had 55 lavender plants on the property. I also wanted the name to reflect on the delicate and simple nature of my pieces, and the word Grace stood out to me.

Q: When did you start getting interested and involved in designing jewelry? Explain this time of your life

A: I kind of stumbled into Lavender & Grace last June when I decided to alter the length of a necklace with some jewlery tools my grandma gave me when I was younger. People started commenting on that piece and asked me to create something for them, so I started posting pictures of pieces on Instagram. I then created an account for Lavender & Grace, separate from my personal Instagram and that is where it started to grow! In January 2016 I launched my website with the help of my boyfriend,and started shipping worldwide. In the spring I was approached by two stores in Kelowna wanting to carry some of my pieces, and I now sell out of New Wave Fitness downtown and Ginger Lily on Pandosy.

Q: You currently have very simple and delicate pieces such as bracelets and necklaces. Do you see yourself possibly expanding into say rings or earrings?

A: Yes, I really want to take a metal smith course in then near future and expand my designs. At the moment I source all of my supplies from Etsy, but I would love to expand into creating pieces from scratch. My first pair of earrings are launching with my Fall/Winter16 collection, and I hope to branch into rings very soon.

Q: What do you think is unique and different about your designs that sets you a part from other designers?

A: Kelowna has so many local jewlery designers creating beautiful pieces, but I think Lavender & Grace stands out to people that are looking for a very simple style that can be worn as everyday pieces. I always want my pieces to be affordable so they're easy to mix and match and great for gifts.

Q: What is the most meaningful piece of jewelry you own?

A: After my high school graduation, my parents gifted me with a Tiffany bracelet that I had wanted since I was little, it means so much to me and always will.

Q: Are there any specific designers that have been influential to your own personal jewelry designs?

A: People like Lauren Conrad and the Hadid sisters heavily influence my personal style and I try to apply their looks to some of my pieces. As well as on social media a lot of bloggers and other jewlery designers inspire my designs.

Q: What materials and techniques do you enjoy working with?

A: I love hand stamping because it allows me to create more personalized pieces that are so meaningful for each customer. I can do initials, inspirational words and anniversary dates etc. I use a steel anvil, and hammer each letter individually onto the blank piece of metal.

Q: How would you define the word success?

A: The word happiness is a big thing to me. I believe that if you're living a happy and healthy life, you've succeeded. At the end of the day, you're the one in charge of your life, so you need to be selfish and listen to yourself and do what makes you happy. I'm so lucky to have many brave and inspirational people in my life that are successful in different ways, but they all share one thing in common; they strive to live a happy life.

Q: What are the next steps or ideas you have for Lavender and Grace designs say in the coming fall?

A: I have my first pair of earrings launching which I'm so excited about. As well as a few more chokers in different styles, and a super dainty necklace that's perfect for layering.

Q: Do you have anything else that you want your viewers to know about you and your brand?

A: I'd like to thank all of my customers for supporting Lavender & Grace, as well as all of my friends and family who have helped me so much in the last year. I'm beyond excited to be launching as Ginger Lily because it's one of my favourite stores in Kelowna, and it allows people to be able to try on different styles, colours and sizes of each piece!