Christa Robertson Keeps it Classy

Vancouver girl, Christa Robertson showcases her effortless style with unique vintage finds in combination with her collection of leather jackets. She shows us she is hardworking and always keeps up to date with the latest trends.

Q: Where were you born and where do you currently live? Tell us a bit about your childhood and growing up. Was your family supportive of your endeavours?

A: I was born and raised outside of Vancouver, BC, and currently live in Vancouver. The arts, culture, people and media have always been a fascination to me- bringing out my ‘passion for fashion.' Since I could put on my own shoes I was dreaming of Dior. My barbies, and even my little brother were dressed to the nine’s for every occasion. I travelled a lot growing up, and went to many big cities; showing me a deeper look into the world of fashion. My family has always been proud of my dreams as aspirations in fashion - and support my goals as I reach for them. That makes the seemingly ‘unreachable’ a lot easier to accomplish.

Q: At what age did you start getting into the fashion world? Did you always feel like this was the right path for you?

A: I have always been intrigued and infatuated with fashion, especially high fashion and glamour. This was not something I committed to as my career path until I was 18. I started becoming more driven by fashion when I worked hard enough to buy the clothes that I liked more, which gave me a goal to reach. I never thought fashion would be my career, but I am absolutely certain that it is supposed to be: in hindsight.

Q: In one sentence how would you describe your style? How do you differ from other bloggers doing the same thing as you?

A: “Distinctively classy, with casual street etiquette.” I am different from other bloggers because I focus a lot on creating unique looks which are either thrifted, or homemade. Although high fashion is one my vices, living in a city like Vancouver leaves room for a more ‘street style’ complex. I also am 5’9 ft tall which can be difficult at times when shopping for clothes or trying to sport the latest trends. I show the more effective ways to cater to this obstacle, while staying affordable.

Q: Who are your top 3 favourite fashion designers? Inspirations in life?

A: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen:

Since I was a kid I loved these two- but it wasn’t until they started owning their ‘boho’ style in NYC that I realized how talented they really were. Their attention to simplicity and ownership of casual style that they have is incredible. Their business strategies are also phenomenal, which make them my top two favourite designers.

Christian Dior:

Although long before my time, Christian Dior is one of the most inspirational designers fashion has ever seen. His attention to detail of the human figure, to sculpt each silhouette, through a consistency of certain characteristics was profound. I think that the couture that he created for the era and turmoil he was within made his work that much more of a masterpiece.

Q: Do you have a background in fashion? What made you want to continue on in the fashion/blogger field?

A: I am and have always been a writer- I love publication and journalism. This hobby mixed perfectly with my passion for fashion when I began blogging. I am currently studying Fashion Marketing/ Merchandising and hope to work in Fashion Publication of some sort in the future! I have always dreamed of being Carrie Bradshaw….

Q: Where in the world do you look and get inspired by new fashion trends?

A: I follow many blogs, and fashion sites from around the world but my favourite places to look for trend setters are Australia, London and New York. I often find that in Europe and Australia, the trends seem to be ahead in time at least by a few seasons. This helps me gets ideas and insights into what to plan for next and sometimes order things in advance.

Q: What is one article of clothing you couldn’t live without?

A: My leather jackets.. I have 11.

Q: Where do you see your social media account growing in the next 5 years? What are your steps to continue to grow?

A: I can really see my social media thriving within the next five years, through the continuous effort that will be put into my blog. It takes hard work to stay up to date on trends and post regularly, but I think that will be a major factor in increasing my growth. Networking with fellow bloggers and fashion forward peers also will allow growth and essentially lead my social media to thrive.

Q: What have been some of your favourite fashion trends this summer? What are some of your go to outfits?

A: I really loved wearing the ‘mom jean’ this summer. Whether at the beach or out and about you can really have fun with them with so many different outfits. I also really got into wearing full length jumpsuits, with an open back, and a deep V. They look so elegant for a night out paired with sandals for brunch or a day out. I also layered up the necklaces this summer- with chains, jewels and chokers. So many fun new items were in season.

Q: Do you have anything else to add to say to your viewers?

A: Make it simple, yet significant. Thank you, all!