bbno$ Talks about The Rap Game

Alexander Gumuchian, goes by the name of bbno$ is an up and coming Vancouver rapper. His ability to constantly create, make and produce ignorant music with his own twist places bbno$ into his own unique and funky sound into the subgenres of a mix of trap and edm music.

Q: When did you start getting into rapping?

A: Two years ago I was chilling with my friend Daniel(slum lord). We wanted something to do and my good friend Sebastian( Yung SEBBY SWAGGG) and David (yung plug) were hanging out at the time smoking lots of weed. We went to their house and made a song on garage band. It was a Chief Keef type beat. 70% of it was me laughing and ever since then I fell in love with making music.

Q: What kind of music are you inspired by?

A: I only started to listen to music in grade 10. I started to listen to Datsik and lots of dubstep. I transitioned into a lot of Pac’s music and exclusively listened to Pac for about a year..exclusively. I’ve been listening to most of the Atlanta artists right now such as 21 Savage and Future. And others, Chief Keef and Young Lean as my main inspiration to be a white rapper. He started this whole vaporwave scene making it able for myself to rap and do what ever I want. I don’t have too many influences; I’m always creating so I don’t listen to anything else, most of my close friends always chirp me for not knowing a song. The biggest artist I’m following on SoundCloud is Smokepurpp and it’s stupid ignorant music, which is something I want to end up making but with my own little twist.

Q: What do you consider your most significant accomplishment?

A: I made 500 dollars from one show, which was pretty cool. I performed at Rifflandia not too long ago. I don’t think many people can say they had the ability to perform at a music festival. I think it will get people who don’t think I’m an actual musician to think I’m a musician.

Q: Have you always been interested in mixing and mastering rap music/hip hop?

A: Not really. I’ve been making music every single day. As far as mixing and mastering that usually is my favorite part of the process of making music. I write stupid lyrics that fit to the beat that make no sense and then as long as they flow and are catchy I will rap onto of that. I have the most fun when I finally have my vocals in my hands and am playing around with all the effects to make it sound really good. I’ll put a gunshot here or there to make it sound hood. That’s by far the most interesting, enjoyable aspect of creating.

Q: How would you define your sound? Do you think you have developed a unique sound? What makes you stand out from other rapper’s doing the same thing?

A: I feel like I have slightly developed my sound because I do create my own beats that are funky and weird and are to my liking. I would say that I my sound is based around stupidity, I don’t care what people think of it and it’s just me doing me. I don’t really know how to put a name on my sound. I fit into subgenres of trap and edm. My music is loud and fun. Most of the time when I’m making music and I can’t make a verse I will take 5 espresso shots and be geeked up lol. I’m a low energy person so I need coffee.

Q: You are currently studying at UBCO do you see yourself pursing your rapping further throughout school or after you’re graduated?

A: My goal right now is to graduate university. I transferred from Langara to UBCO. I have two years left and I’m going to keep rapping for two years. After I graduate my goal is to maybe move to Montreal, LA or Toronto and then pursue it extremely aggressively for about a year and see if I can get my name out. If it doesn’t really pop off to the point where I want it to, to make it an actual career, I might stop taking it so seriously and go and grab myself a master’s degree or go back to school and study something else. I’ll just go with the flow. I’ve already by passed my goals. My goal last year was to get more likes on my songs than on my profile pictures; one song already has a 1000 likes which s pretty cool to me I guess.

Q: You go by bbno$ what does this stand for?

A: Baby no money. Not bbNOS, lol. I was in a rap crew called Broke Boy Gang, BBG. Our music is still out there if you guys want to listen to it. It is extremely misogynistic and terrible for my actual real future career but if its on the internet its there forever. yolo

When I was moving away to university I was departing from the crew and felt that myself and Sebby Swag who is another member of BBG were the most passionate about music. I wanted start something by myself and went by BBNO$ and my other name when I was apart of BBG was baby freestyle. I still think I’m a baby. I’m the baby of my family of my brother and sister. I go by no money because I don’t want to spend money, because then I can strive to make money. I save money. I AM MONEY

Q: Your soundcloud is off the charts with around 100 thousand total plays. How will you continue to push this and your sound to expand?

A: I feel like I’m an aggressive person on social media to the point where I pursue talking to someone so much and I try to befriend them but its hard to start a relationship with someone online, easy to be noted as fake. I need to start emailing bigger blogs and connecting with more people. I will add tons of people on Facebook and send someone a message if they make music. Soundcloud and Twitter are essential for the rap game. Unfortunately Twitter just blows ass.

Q: Who are some of the people you work with in the industry? And who are people you would want to work with?

A: I just made a song with a guy called Dopey Jaye, he is pretty dope haha. I’ve worked with Yung Bambi, Yung Xela, Maxwells, all the BBG boys. We would make an album in a day; we did that 3 times this summer. Johnny gee is going to give me a collab eventually, oh yeah Kamiyada he is doing really well. As far of producers, Slight has produced most of my catalogue, which is up right now. I stole his last beat on run it up, I’m surprised he didn’t call me out on it. I have a song with hounds coming out he is a producer from Calgary. I’m down to work with people it’s an expression of art, most people try to charge for verses, kind of annoying tbh. Smokeppurp would be the ideal collab, our sound is similar, straight bangers being a huge fanboy right now.

Oh Don’t forget So Loki, they are becoming extremely high key in Vancouver. course Rare Conspiracy which is the collective I am apart of, the song I just released was produced by this homie in my collective, attic beats!

Q: What is your thought process when creating a beat?

A: I have no idea. I put the semi tones and octaves down until it sounds good. Usually I just slap shit anywhere. I give props to Eli and Juelz for showing me lots, I’d be no where without them. If you want to get better at making beats just constantly make beats, experiment with things.

Q: You played at Rifflandia, which is an amazing accomplishment for just starting out in the business. What other gigs/festivals do you envision yourself playing at?

A: I have a show in LA with a bunch of SoundCloud rappers at Halloween that I’m still debating about. I played at Rifflandia, which is a big festival, but it was more of a lower grade festival. Performing is something I can’t describe. There is nothing better than performing. If I get to perform at a show anywhere I’m blessed. Something in Atlanta would be crazy and of course Coachella, but that’s years away.

Q: What can we expect from you in the near future?

A: I don’t believe in dropping albums especially if you don’t have a good following. It’s going to get slept on and people won’t listen to it all. I only release music on SoundCloud. It’s all based if people repost your songs, unless it’s a natural banger, but I don’t think I’m at that level yet. I have a bunch of songs that are going to be coming out. All bangers, NO MASH LOL

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know about you?

A: I actually have genuine fans. I never thought that having fans would be a thing; shout out to Jaden Hunter, he made his snap story “when baby no money snaps you back." This is some dedication. SWAG.