Jake Hope, Success and The Music Industry

Jake Lesperance, also known as Jake Hope combines his musical thought process while maintaining a positive and clear space of mind. With over half a million plays on Spotify, Back To Me showcases Hope's vocal range and catchy melodies. Make sure to also check out his newest song, Into You.

Q: Has music always been a big part of who you are? Explain this period in your life

A: Music has always been a big part of who I am ever since I can remember having thoughts ha! In this particular part of my life music is the biggest part of who I am because it's literally the only thing I think about when I wake up and go to bed it's 24/7 non-stop. It's almost like a curse but a good one. I'm allowed to express my past/present/future through lyrics and melodies and I get to connect and meet new people. Since just moving to Vancouver I've learned a lot about myself and music is seriously the one thing I truly want to accomplish before I leave this earth.

Q: Why Jake Hope?

A: I decided to go with an alias because my last name “Lesperance” derives from the word “hope” and I thought that it was a really good word and theme to go off and a good motivator for myself as well as a reminder I guess haha! I'm always a believer in “everything happens for a reason” and I'm always holding onto hope with every aspect in life and staying positive. It is a great combo and also It's easier to remember haha!

Q: Do you have a background in music?

A: Starting from a very young age I picked up a guitar and since then I believe probably from 5-7 I have not stopped playing instruments and writing music. I went instrument to instrument eventually finding out that I want to sing, write and produce! Lately I've been doing a lot of programming and beat making. I'm trying to get more sexy with my music haha.

Q: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

A: Currently right now I'm really inspired by Travis Scott, Young Thug, Bryson Tiller, Ye Ali and The Chainsmokers. There is way too many inspirations to name. I'm a huge r and b head. I'm actually working on some really fun r and b trap inspired projects that I'm stoked to release, It's a new sound and a different spectrum of audience so that'll be interesting.

Q: Your song Back To Me has already hit almost half a million plays on Spotify! Do you feel like your new single Into You, which you just released will have the same kind of exposure as Back To Me? How will you expand your media presence?

A: Yea it's crazy I didn't expect it to rise so quickly and react so well with people but I'm so stoked on it and everybody reaching out to me and people who've connected with it so thank you all if you're reading this haha. I think this new single is going to really show people what I can do production wise and genre rise. I don't want a specific genre because I make so many different kinds! I am extremely proud of the work my team and I are producing and I'm just excited and eager to get it out. With expanding my media presence I'm just really going to start documenting more studio/party/ having fun moments. People love that and I gotta post my life because it's dope. I don't wanna be that guy that shoves my life into peoples faces so I like to try and make it more along the lines of letting people in on my journey or progress!

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Is there an album in the making?

A: It's hard to see myself somewhere specific in 5 years, but I'd like to see myself playing sold out shows in the biggest arenas known, producing as much music as possible, hopefully owning a studio, having shit loads of fun with my homies and just living a good life. That's what It's all about, just having fun and living a life you wanna live and even though it takes a lot of effort and stress to make dreams happen you will always be working towards it. I tend to think that I'm never going to get somewhere specific, It's always gonna be a journey and I'm always going to have something new to learn or something to get better at. I'm never going to settle basically hahaha, It's a never ending grind.

Q: What’s it like working with Nyhla Records?

A: Working with my close homies/ Nyhla Records is out of this world. It doesn't even feel like a record label because they are so worried about making you happy with what they have. They are just extremely humble and positive, as well as fresh. They have some fresh ideas that will hopefully change things in Vancouver in the best way and I'm glad to be apart of the journey. Angus and I always joke about buying each other yachts in a few years and IT WILL HAPPEN OK!

Q: What did you grow up listening to? Do you find that your sound reflects the musicians you listen to?

A: Growing up I listened to everything, I went through multiple phases. It started with old school R&B, I love the rhythm and blues. I also went through a few rock/punk phases (we wont talk about that). I went through a huge John Mayer phase and a lot of people always say I have a hint of him in my sound which is super nice to hear cause he's a legend.

Q: What is your process when creating a song? What methods do you use?

A: Honestly It's always different for me. I never rush or intend to make anything specific or it turns out sloppy to me. I honestly will usually be playing piano and write a cool progression and start with that. I hear everything else in my head and then program and record it (my mind works weird). It's kind of a going with the flow method, but I find it the most natural and rewarding. Sometimes I will even write a hook even and a melody and I'll start a song just from a vocal lyric and melody. I'm huge on melody and making impactful statements not only through lyrics but delivery and melody! It's a main focus for me.

Q: How do you define the word success?

A: Success to me means making your biggest dreams a reality while maintaining total content and happiness. Success to me Isn't money or materialistic bullshit but real life emotions and content with yourself and place in life.

Q: Who are some people you have worked with in the industry and who are people you would love to work with in the future?

A: I've worked with a few people in the industry but my MAIN BOY is Alex Aligizakis AKA CONDOR. Himand I clicked since day one. I was in a production class with him and I remember him telling me I sounded like Justin Bieber which was dope for many reasons. As a joke I pretended I was offended but who could seriously be offended by that? He’s a real G and just so top notch with production and translation and just life in general. And his main focus is accustoming to me and helping me bring my music to the top and crafting it to the sound I want. Just an overall great human to have in my life. Another good homie I'm working with is Kieran Wagstaff we call him wizard staff for a few reasons… He kills it though. He is great to work with and I'm definitely going to continue to work with him. He has a great ear and a great mindset and is always working on something or eager to. He's dope. If I could choose anybody to work with in the future I'd go big; I'd not only like to collab on music but fashion as well so I'd have to say Travis Scott, young thug, and ASAP Rocky for those specifics. Others would include The Weeknd, Bryson tiller, Roy Woods, Party Next Door, Tory Lanez, Rihanna FOR SURE, Beyonce, Nick Jonas would be pretty sweet, Bieber cause who wouldn’t want to make a worldwide banger? So many but those I think would be my mains. But influence is always changing fast for me!

Q: Under what genre would you classify your sound? Do you think you have established something unique with your music?

A: I think I have a few currently, I'd say it's pop r&b electro with some soul and hip hop influence as well haha! I sure hope I establish something unique. I'm trying to do something different and be involved with music genres of all spectrums so the future has A LOT of different sounds coming out.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know?

A: I'd like my viewers to know that I'm in the process of making some killer r&b jams. I want to make a variety of genres and really find what I truly am happy making and not really be tied to one specific.Also keep reaching out to me, I love hearing feedback as well as meeting new people!