Hungry Hipsters, Infusing Lifestyle into Food

With their creative eye and quirky vibe the Hungry Hipsters (Breann Chiero and Christian Medice) have created a huge following on their social media accounts. They share a passion for lifestyle, food and style and they combine these elements to compose one of a kind eye catching content.

Q: Describe the background story to the Hungry Hipsters?

A: Behind the scenes of @HungryHipsters is recently engaged couple: Breann Chiero & Christian Medice- I (Breann) used to work in apparel industry as a fashion director for almost 7 years, until recently where I now pursue social media & freelance digital content full-time. Christian brings the hipster element- He’s a songwriter & producer for the alternative music scene. We’re brunch enthusiasts, Netflix junkies & pretty obsessed with our adorable puppy, Jeremih. @HungryHipsters was originally created as a restaurant photo log to track all the amazing places we were visiting in NYC so recommendations to our friends/family visiting from out of town would be easily accessible in a pinch. In the beginning, we honestly didn’t know anything about social media. We just enjoyed going out together, creating memories & snapping pictures. And now we’ve grown & focused our Instagram to create a brand that encompasses food, fashion & lifestyle. The journey has been amazing & couldn’t be any more rewarding.

Q: What makes you unique from other food bloggers?

A: We believe it’s because we’re more than just two people that take great photos at restaurants. We like to develop our own recipes, partner with brands to come up with unique content & infuse our lifestyle into food whether it’s with apparel or accessories (because who wouldn’t want a pearl salted pretzel bag)?

Q: What advice do you have for taking the perfect instagram food photo?

A: Always try to shoot in natural light! Using a flash or an overhead lamp never looks as authentic & clear.

Q: How would you define the word hipster?

A: Going against the grain.

Q: Where are some of your favourite hidden gem restaurants in New York?

A: Our absolute favorite (and it’s rarely ever crowded) is Oficina 1000 Miglia. From the interior to the wait staff to the food presentation, it’s all very top notch. And they cater to people with allergies & sensitivities, which is actually very important to us since Christian is gluten intolerant. We’ve been there over a dozen times for brunch, lunch & dinner and have loved every bite. Our newest favorite is a diner downtown Chinatown called Nickel & Diner. The space is really retro with black & white tiles and vibrant booth seating. The food is delicious, but the coffee is amazing!

Q: What are some of the big companies you have worked with?

A: Apparel: Forever 21, Gypsy Warrior, Valley Cruise Press

Food & Drink: Whole Foods, Freixenet, Chips Ahoy

Entertainment & Media: Complex, Refinery29, Panorama Festival

Q: Name your favourite party dishes to make?

A: Might be our Italian roots, but when we throw a party it’s all about that massive charcuterie board filled with a plethora of meats & cheeses, fresh figs, olives, rustic bread & bottles of red wine.

Q: What are the next 5-year goals to expand Hungry Hipsters?

A: The most immediate goal for us right now is to get to a point where we can hire our current intern full-time. To not overly gush, she’s a remarkable asset to our team & we have no idea how we’d get through the day without her. She’s currently both in college & employed, but still finds the time to curate together new stories for us & assists in all of our major photo shoots. The second goal is for us to get traveling more so our focus isn’t just on NYC. There’s so much out there that we haven’t seen or tasted!

Q: Taking photos of food has become very trendy. Do you think this is something that will still be popular in the next few years?

A: Absolutely. We believe food is such a universal way to approach storytelling & spark creativity. Food photography is here to stay.

Q: What advice do you have for someone starting out in the food industry?

A: Just like any industry- Whatever you do, do it with passion. You’ll never know your full potential unless you push yourself.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know?

A: We appreciate & read every comment, direct message & email. We are so incredibly lucky that 65K of you share a piece of our lives with us everyday!