Lizbeth Hernandez (IMLVH) Bougie on a Budget

Lizbeth Hernandez, also known as IMLVH is a fashionista, photographer, youtuber and has a great eye for putting outfits together and creating looks that are affordable and trendy.

Q: Where were you born/currently live?

A: I was born in Downtown Los Angeles and I live in Los Angeles

Q: At what point in your life did you start to dive into the fashion/visual realm?

A: I started to dive into fashion when I was around 5 or 6 - I would steal my Mom’s fashion Magazines and was just so obsessed with pictures and images in them. At the age of 14, my obsession with fashion grew, so my Mom enrolled me in a fashion illustration course at Cerritos Community College and then I took summer classes at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena the summer I turned 16.

Q: Where did you go school? Do you have a background in visual arts?

A: I received my undergrad at Whittier College and I self designed my degree in Visual and Business studies. I didn’t want to go to Art School, because I had a curiosity to explore what a liberal arts education had to offer. So, half my degree was in studio and visual arts, while the other half focused on marketing and business. Then I went to USC to get my Master's in Communication Management at Annenberg, which brought in a major aspect of business and marketing.

Q: When did you start creating YouTube videos?

A: I started creating Youtube videos exactly a year ago.

Q: You are quite the entrepreneur! From your choker necklace line to your photography and YouTube videos you have created a brand for yourself! How will you continue to push this?

A: Yes. I LOVE creating, so it’s been fun to explore my creativity through Youtube and my little choker store. Youtube is an interesting format. It’s not quite photography or painting, but it involves a lot of those aspects. It’s really interesting to me and I have fun translating my LOVE for fashion through this medium. My ultimate goal is to be a creative consultant or creative director, so I’m constantly challenging myself with different creative experiences - like creating a fashion blog, youtube channel, and choker store. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll forage my end goal path, but I’m embracing different experiences. I’d love to own a creative/consulting company and work with brands and people to help them identify their brand in a visual way. I see what I’m doing now as great creative learning experience to better understand marketing and the business side of being creative.

Q: Who are some people you have collaborated with?

A: I’ve been able to collaborate with different types of people and businesses. I’m a photographer, so I’ve been able to work with different start up companies and celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly and Content Creator Heather Catania. I’m currently working on designing chokers for a denim company Just Black Denim to feature some cool chokers in their spring lookbook.

Q: How would you define success?

A: Success to me is a couple different things. It’s being financially stable, but most importantly getting hired to do what you love and working crazy hours, but never getting tired of what you do.

Q: Who are some of your favourite fashion designers?

A: My favorite fashion designers are Vetements, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Alexander Wang.. Definitely main staples in fashion, but I really love what they do.

Q: How would you define your style?

A: I’d define my style as Bougie on a budget. I LOVE high end/runway fashion, but it’s not my budget or truly realistic, so I like to take elements from these amazing designers and their runway collections and find super affordable ways to rock their vibe.

Q: What are your go to articles of clothing?

A: Vintage denim, rocker tees and booties.

Q: When did you launch your choker line? Do you have any new pieces coming out for winter?

A: I launched it in the beginning of the summer and it was totally spontaneous. I started making my own chokers and then friends and Instagram followers really wanted them too, so I started to sell them. It’s super random and spontaneous. And, yes, I have a couple new pieces in the works. :)

Q: You have a good eye for creating edgy and unique outfits. How do you go about putting looks together?

A: I looove getting inspiration from Fashion editorials and translating those looks using super affordable and wearable pieces. I’m obsessed with creating bougie/editorial inspired looks on a budget.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know?

A: I’d like my viewers to know… I don’t think you need to have a lot of money to look fabulous. Fashion is about experimenting, having fun, and working with your body type - it’s not super serious and it’s a great way to explore your personality and find out who you are