The Masterminds Behind Nyhla Records

Angus Maude, CEO and Founder of Nyhla Records gets personal with The Urban Hustle. He discusses the meaning behind Nyhla Records, his passion, love of music and the talented musicians that surround him.

Q: How old were you when you knew that music was your passion?

A: I've been making music for as long as I can remember. I used to sing my songs and drum on my grandma's couch cushions, using her combs as drum sticks. Sometimes I'd be singing my own songs and other times I'd be playing along to whatever CD's I brought to her house that day.

Q: Talk about Nyhla records for a bit? How did it all come together?

A: I was aching to start a label for years. I saw a hole in my city filled with hundreds of talented unknown musicians that were getting little to no attention. It wasn't until I discovered Jake Lesperance, now Jake Hope, in March of 2015 when I made the decision to start Nyhla. Since then, we've expanded our repertoire of artists while building an unbeatable team of young entrepreneurs to run the label.

Q: What is the meaning behind the word Nyhla?

A: Nyhla is my grandmother, Nyhla Smith. My family has always been so supportive of each other, whether it be on my moms side or my dads side, whether it's emotional or financial support. My family has always been the source of all my passion and positivity, and at the epicentre of all this gratitude has always been my grandma, Nyhla. I want to create the same feeling within our label and within our city. We want all musicians and artists alike to come together and create

Q: How many artists are you currently working with? Can you talk about some of the musicians that you are working with?

A: Right now we have 12 artists exclusively working with Nyhla, not including a large group of producers and DJs who we frequently collaborate with. Right now we're really excited about debuting FOURTH. We just released his debut single on December 2nd, soon to be followed by his debut album on December 30th.

Q: What do you see for Nyhla records in the future? What do you hope to accomplish?

A: We want to keep growing. We want to continue digging into the depths of our city and cities elsewhere to find the raw talent that exists here and there, no matter what genre. We want to shed light on our city and show the world what we have to offer. We don't believe in the ways a traditional label operates. We feel artists deserve more of what they create while being given much more freedom to create what they want. We expect to make a big splash in 2017 with debuts from Jake Hope, Biggie BK, Cozy, Una Mey and even more. It's gonna be fun...

Q: With Nyhla records do you have a process for selecting which people you want to work with?

A: It all comes down to passion. Someone could be extremely talented but at the same time lack a sense of passion for what they do. Passion is everything. We want the people who are constantly trying to one up themselves, the people who are constantly trying to learn and build off success and failures. The people who stay up all night editing drums or bouncing hundreds of "final" mixes. Those are the people we like to work with, and this city is overflowing with them.

Q: Angus you are so talented and have such a soulful and unique tone to your voice. When did you get into songwriting and singing?

A: I've been writing songs ever since I could speak. I used to write full albums and record them on whatever recording device I had at the time, sometimes a tape recorder, sometimes the microphone built into my webcam, it was never all that pretty. In my teenage years I stopped taking myself seriously and started to drift away from making music, which is so strange for me looking back now. It was when I met my best friend/girlfriend that got me writing music again.

Q: You released Little Evenings, Long Nights in the summer and it’s already gained over 600,000 plays on Spotify what will be the next project for you?

A: The next album is written and I don't know when I'll start recording.

Q: What are the messages you want to share through your songs?

A: I wrote an extremely sad album but I wasn't sad. All the songs come from a place of loneliness, the same loneliness I felt while making the album. I sat alone in my room for months and began to go a little crazy. I was happy, but I didn't feel it. I let all my irrational thoughts, worries and "what ifs" get the best of me, and I ended up creating a very sad, lonely album. I guess my message would be to stop worrying so much. Deal with things as they come, don't make problems out of nothing.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: My sound will always be evolving from album to album, so that's a tough question. But for right now, with the music I've released this far, I'll call it alternative folk.

Q: Who are some of your favourite musicians?

A: Kristian Matsson (aka The Tallest Man On Earth), Frank Ocean, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi just to name a few.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know?

A: Thank you so much for listening to my music, I'll never stop making it. As for new music, I can't tell you an exact date but for now I'll say Summer 2017.

PS: Vote "Little Evenings, Long Nights" for album of the year!

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