He Goes by the Name FOURTH

FOURTH, an artist that is heavily involved in the whole vision and process to expand his music career. His sound and lyrics are intriguing and addicting. He captures soul, passion and drive within each of his tracks off his debut album 4:00.

Q: Where were your raised/currently live?

A: I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and currently live in Vancouver.

Q: Describe the time of your life when you got involved in the music scene?

A: I was in a boy band back in Zimbabwe and my friend T collar who was a producer had beats that my friend Simba and I use to rap over, which is when I realized that I liked music. At the time I was more focused on soccer and then 2 years ago I decided to take music seriously.

Q: Have you always had a passion for hip-hop/rap? What did you grow up listening to? And has this influenced your current sound?

A: I've always been into hip-hop and rap. I come from a big family, the youngest of 5 boys and they were all into rap and Biggie. I read about music, I study it. Jay Z, Kanye and Kid Cudi are my top musical influences. I appreciate Jay Z because he is always up to date with what's going on in the industry. He has 10 number one albums and I really admire that and study his success and his passion for staying relevant. The only genre I don't listen to and don't understand is heavy metal, however, I like good music, it's not really genre specific.

Q: You go by the name FOURTH? What is the meaning behind this?

A: Everyone has these passions and callings but ignore them for realistic reasons. I began to understand that I am already a winner because I'm pursuing my goals. I took a race and a podium example to say that in a race the first, second and third are what we give medals to and celebrate. The person that came fourth is a winner too because that person went through training and hard work. Anyone that's on that track is a champion regardless if you come second or third. I think I'm already successful in the way that I'm here doing what I love every day and I have the drive to do what I love even though there's no guarantee that I'll make it.

Q: How has your sound changed over the years?

A: Starting off I was more excited that I could put lyrics together that fit perfectly on the beat- I didn't really think of creating an entire project. I have gone through the progression of making random songs to making songs that are more personal. My music is a way of me venting and I think that over the years my level of maturity and understanding what I want to express, plays a huge role in my music.

Q: Have you had any setbacks with pursuing your music career? If so can you talk about this for a bit?

A: Yeah, they are more internal. Often I find I have an idea for an album or song and I think that's where practice comes into it. The more you do it the better you become. In terms of setbacks I think when you have ideas bigger than your capability is when my internal thoughts take over.

Q: You just released Lost Love ft. Biggie BK. What was it like creating this song?

A: It was fun but a huge relief because I just broke up with my girlfriend 3 months ago. It was good to express what I was going through and I felt that the song helped me get over the relationship because I just poured all my feelings into this song. Hip-hop is so tough but it's a new experience to be more emotional and I'm now at a place of peace and I hope the best for her. It was a great thing at the time.

Q: You just dropped your music video on December 16th for, "Rather Be Us" and your pre-order of your album also recently dropped. Are you excited for this? Talk about how you're feeling?

A: I'm always excited but also nervous. As an artist, you create this whole project but it's up to other people to decide if it was great or not, there's no telling how people will receive it.

Q: Do you think you have distinguished your own personal sound within this debut album 4:00? How do you stand out from other rappers?

A: I think everyone is different but as long as you stay true to yourself, your own sound will stand out. With all the things I'm going through you may be able to relate, but it's the feeling not necessarily the experience. I feel that this whole turn up mumble rap is really popular and I feel like for me I haven't drifted with the crowd, I just stay true to my own sound. My influences are storytellers and I always want to keep up to date with these people who influence me.

Q: What are your favourite tracks on your album?

A: My favourite track to create was Toronto. When I came to Canada that's where I landed first. It started with Toronto and the album takes you through this story; things that have happened and what I'm going through and then ends with Pain and Art, which describes the whole album. These good and bad experiences make me who I am. The song that means the most to me would be 4AM and Rather Be Us. If you listen to Zimbabwe music there is an African vibe in Rather Be Us. I'm here making all these Western sounds but I always want to have a track or two that vibes back to my roots.

Q: Who are some of the producers/artists you have worked with to create 4:00?

A: I found this dope producer when I was scrolling through SoundCloud- his name is Blasian. I work a lot with Simba who I started making music within Zimbabwe. BK, Vakai and the Nyhla Team are the people I'm closest with- we vibe on a personal level, they keep me grounded.

Q: One song in particular Track 3 - "Conscious Me" you say, "I wish the whole team was here, but a couple friends, I lost them just so I could blossom"- can you talk about this for a bit?

A: My best friend Liam who I grew up with in Zimbabwe is a huge part of my life, we were inseparable from a young age and still are. Simba is also an important part of my music, who is currently in Los Angeles. I reminisce on the times back in Zimbabwe and if I had everything from Zimbabwe here I would do exactly what I do much better with all these great friends and influences around me. I've lost a couple friends for pursuing music. Culturally, Zimbabwe is a super chill place but some of the things I talk about in my music is offensive to some of the Christian friends I have grown up with. There are people who are judgmental who think that music is a waste of time. I've cut my circle for sure- while you're pursuing what you love you don't want the negativity in your ear.

Q: Is there a particular sequence of the song choices you have particularly put at the beginning of the album and at the end?

A: Somewhat- my album starts off with Toronto, which isn't a deep song, but then it gets into a deeper section. I wanted to start it off with a banger and then I get into my feelings a bit and then I end it off on a lighter note. I wanted it to flow from a listener's standpoint. Taking breaks, this is fun, this is deep and then it sounds like he's exiting.

Q: "Pain and Art" which is your final track you say, "While you try to heal I'll just use this pain as my art" – this is obviously an emotional track to end with. Can you talk about the themes in this song?

A: As a musician, I mainly live for the nighttime, that's when I create best. I'm in the studio in the evening, my shows are at night and most of the people I connect with are the nights I am out- I found that kind of hurt my relationship a bit.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know about you?

A: I don't like being addressed as a rapper or a musician. I'm an artist and in the purest form. I went to film school, I always have my camera with me, I like photography and I'm in the process of making my own merchandise. I want to be in control of my vision as much as I can. I'm more thoughtful as a whole. Calling me a rapper feels like you're making me smaller because I've put in a lot of time and education to my music. I have all the visions behind my sound and look as a whole. People think a music career is all fun but it's hard work and it doesn't come easy. I've invested time and money into my career and to express myself in that medium the best I can do, makes me want to keep pushing this.

FOURTH'S Debut Album out December 30.16

Lost Love (feat. Biggie BK)-Single