Fenntessa Swimwear Cheeky and Minimalistic

Robyn Rush and Cami Rush, designers, sisters and entrepreneurs of Fenntessa Swimwear have created one of a kind original prints and designs within each swimsuit.

Q: Where were you guy’s raised/currently live?

A: Robyn and I were born in Vancouver but raised in Victoria. We spent our youth growing up in Victoria but left after University. Our family has a condo in Maui so we spend a lot of time there too. We currently live in Vancouver and love it!!!

Q: What made you want to create a swimwear line?

A: Robyn and I saw an untouched market for cheekier swimwear in North America. During our travels to exotic beaches around the globe, we noticed that the swimwear worn overseas was often more flattering than the local styles worn up north.

Q: What is the meaning behind Fenntessa?

A: Fenntessa is a combination our middle names. Robyn “Fenner” Rush and Cami “Tessa” Rush. Our Dad came up with the name.

Q: What are your top selling swimsuits?

A: Bralettes and High Waisted bottoms have become our signature styles. They sell out fast each year. Last year we made our first one-piece bathing suit and it was super popular too. This year we are predicting that one pieces will be the rage and have included 3 new styles in our 2017 collection.

Q: Do you think you have developed a unique swimwear line? How are you planning to expand your brand?

A: Yes our swimwear line is unique. Our prints are always one of a kind originals that tell a story. Although our designs are minimalist and classic, they are well thought out with interesting details. The way we market our brand is also very unique. We have super wild fashion shows and fun beach parties, which have helped us develop a following.

Q: How would you define the word success?

A: Success is defined by the lifestyle you live not the money you have. For me, success means being happy, healthy and free. I believe in working hard and working smart. I don’t believe in over-working. Nothing productive is produced from a tired mind. Life is short, and it’s meant to be enjoyed!! I want to travel lots and meet interesting people. When I’m older and look back at my life, I want it to be filled with awesome memories and experiences.


Q: Do you guy’s have a fashion/design background?

A: Yes, I got my Masters in Fashion Design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. I spent two years in Milan, studying and working in fashion. I later taught Fashion Design in Lima Peru for 2 years where I gained exposure to the manufacturing. Robyn didn’t go to school for fashion but is a total fashionista. She has an eye for style and is also involved in every step of the design process. She is a natural PR person who knows how to connect the right people together to conceptualize ideas. She is also excellent at delegating tasks and following through with projects. We make an unstoppable sister duo.

Q: What are the materials you use to create your swimsuits? Do you think you could talk a bit about the production side of things?

A: We use high-quality lycra from Colombia and Brazil that we directly source from Medellin and Bogota. All business with our manufacturer is handled in Spanish. Robyn and I travel annually to Colombia where we meet with our manufacturers, participate in the fittings, and meticulously go over every detail of each design. My sister and I work hard each year to ensure a quality product.

Q: Who are some of your retailers?

A: We currently sell our swimwear in Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Whistler, Bowen Island and Toronto. Our goal this year is to expand into stores in the USA.

Q: Where do you see Fenntessa Swimwear in the next 5 years?

A: Fenntessa is growing stronger and more successful each year. We believe this pattern of growth and success will continue for years to come. We are excited and driven to take Fenntessa to the next level. Expect more collaborations, bigger fashion shows, and exciting designs!! We are both entrepreneurs who are learning the ropes of running a business one step at a time. It isn’t an easy journey, but it is incredibly

rewarding. Not only are we sisters building a brand, we are also building our friendship.

Q: Do you have any new design ideas for the future?

A: Yes we do. We have plans on expanding into menswear and perhaps into active wear, but at this point, we are focusing on improving our business operation. We are big believers that slow and steady wins the race.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know about you?

A: Yes, we are having an epic Fashion Show at the Waldorf on March 18th and we hope to see everyone there!!!