Tyler Skyy, Music and Good Vibrations

Musician Tyler Skyy is a risk taker and pushes his music to inform and teach others. He sheds a positive light on the diversity within our culture with his newly released music video,"Women." Stay tuned for his new single, "Know that Now" coming out in February.

Q: Describe the time of your life when you got interested in music?

A: I've always loved music, but I didn't get into actually creating any of my own until I was 16. I wrote my first song super spontaneously after our house got broken into and I didn't end up even recording anything until over a year later. We recorded my first song in the back of my parent's minivan in my friend's driveway, haha. Plugged in a USB microphone to a free recording program and just went for it... I didn't know anything at all about recording music at the time, but I'm really glad we did it because it's one of the most important memories I've got.

Q: Where were you born/currently live?

A: I was born in Prince George in Northern BC and lived in Houston (BC, not Texas!) until I was 15. Houston is a super small town with about 3,000 people so moving to Vernon after that was quite the jump, then coming to Vancouver (where I currently live) topped it all off. There are really great things about small towns, and I'm glad I was raised in one, but nothing beats Vancouver for me. Q: How would you describe your sound? Do you think you have created a unique style for yourself?

A: If I haven't created a unique style for myself yet, then I'm definitely on the brink of it. That's obviously a super opinion-based statement, but one thing I really pride myself on is my willingness to stand out and do my own thing. Lately, I've just been trying to take more risks and step outside of my comfort zone more often. If I was to try to describe my sound I'd say it's a pretty smooth, warm, colourful vibe.

Q: Who are your musical inspirations?

A: There are so many talented artists that I look up to, especially people I personally know. To be honest, anybody that isn't afraid to be themselves, especially in music, inspires me. It's tough to put yourself out there when we've got a place like the internet where anybody can just voice their opinion on what you do. If I had to name a few, though, I'd have to say SonReal, Russ, Named Tobias, Modsun, and Adverse (a producer friend I work with). There are way too many to name them all.

Q: Do you have a background in music? Did you go to university?

A: I don't actually have any background in music at all. Until I was 16, making music was a totally unheard of thing for me. I did go to the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2011-2012 for about 7 months for an Audio Engineering program, but up until about 2009, I didn't even consider making music. It was definitely a random occurrence, and as weird as this is to say... I'm sort of glad our house got broken into because if it didn't I honestly don't know if I would be where I am now.

Q: You have just released a new video for your song “Women” can you talk about the themes within this music video and what it means to you? A: "Women" was one of the more important songs to me from my recent album. I wanted to make something that wasn't just a standard song when it came to this subject because I felt like people would respond better if it was delivered in a more powerful manner. I had never actually tried writing spoken word until this song but I'm really glad that I took the leap with it. It turned out really great and I'm super proud of the outcome of the video as well. I basically wanted to create something to show women we appreciate and love them for everything they do, along with combat the constant misogyny that fills up the current pop culture. In the video, I wanted to show as many different women as I could and shed a positive light on the diversity in our world as well as give the audio a sentimental visual to go along with it.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? A: I'm really hoping that within the next 5 years I'm still able to continue to create positive music and just generally enjoy myself. I'd love to do more speaking with youth, clothing design, and definitely touring. I really want to see more of the world and if I'm able to do it while playing music for friends everywhere then that would make me beyond happy.

Q: Do you have any new projects coming up?

A: I've got a few things coming up in the very near future. My next single "Know that Now" featuring an extremely talented Vancouver artist by the name Hungry and produced by an equally talented producer BuggattiBeatz will be coming out in February. I've got a fully collaborative album ready with a singer friend of mine that we're going to hopefully get out in the first quarter, and I'm also working on my next album as well. Lots of musical releases are definitely planned!

Q: You have a similar vibe to Macklemore within your vocals and rhythms in your songs- is this someone you look up to?

A: It's funny you say that about Macklemore because I've actually gotten that before. I definitely look up to him musically, he's incredible. But I've never actually found myself thinking about his art while I'm creating mine. Not that he doesn't inspire me, he definitely does! But it's more of a peculiar thing to me that I end up making stuff that gives people that similar feeling. Must be more of an unconscious inspiration.

Q: What kind of messages do you want to share with your raps/music?

A: I just want to fill up all of my music with good vibrations. Positivity, love, unity, peace, etc. I want to make "something for everybody", but I want to be able to create something that never fails to give listeners a positive thing to turn to.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know about you?

A: If you're reading this, I appreciate you taking the time to read through and check out not only what I have to say but to visit The Urban Hustle's website. With so many blogs and artists out there, it's tough to get people to pay attention and care about what you're doing. So I'm sure I speak for both of us when I say that the support truly goes a long way. If you're up for it, I'd love for you to connect with me on my social media and stay in touch. If you're new to The Urban Hustle, make sure to connect with Sarah, she is doing something extremely important that deserves to be appreciated!


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