The Eye-Catching Fashion Guru Samantha Riggi

Samantha Riggi, blogger and trendsetter talks about her goals, favourite designers, 90’s trends, and her background in fashion.


​Q: Where were you born/currently live?

A: I’m a native Jersey gal and habitué New Yorker. I currently reside in Bergen County, NJ.

Q: Can you talk about the time when you got interested in fashion?

A: To be quite honest, I don’t remember the specific moment I became interested in fashion. It was sort of a passion I’ve always had since childhood. Now come to think of it, it probably grew out of the countless (seemingly endless) days I spent shopping with my mom. I also believe it transpired from an interest in art, or shall I say arts and crafts, at a young age. I consider fashion to be more of an instinct than an interest.

Q: Who are some of your favourite designers?

A: Ah, my favorite designers – easily the toughest question! I respect and admire different designers for a variety of reasons. I think right now industry-wide it’s a really exciting time in fashion. Over the past two years there’s been a ton of major designer shifts; creative directors have really earned their seat in respective fashion houses, in the sense that everyone is pushing the boundaries. Designers are bringing brands outside of their comfort zones and shifting their image – Alessandro Michele brought stale Gucci back to life. Legacy labels have appointed new creative directors – for instance, DVF selected Jonathan Saunders to design her namesake label. Now there’s also a huge focus on new and upcoming designers who are making a name for themselves fairly fast – yes, I am talking about Vetements. Right now, I must say I am fascinated with Alessandro Michele’s take on Gucci (as is the rest of the world). It’s a new era for Gucci and it’s exactly what the label needed. Hedi Slimane is another one of my favorite designers, the just-retired creative director of Saint Laurent who is now solely focusing on photography. Slimane could not be tamed, he turned the way things were done upside down. He created collections that people wanted to wear, not based on what would look good on the runway. Instead of curating a collection of unwearable fashion that critics would fascinate over, he focused on details that consumers would really care about – the lining in a sweater or the seams on a dress. He is an ingenious rebel who set the bar far too high for all creative directors to come.

Q: Do you have an educational background in fashion?

A: I don’t have a formal education in fashion, but I’ve worked in fashion houses such as DVF, Saint Laurent and alice + olivia – to name a few. I freelanced for after graduating college and then moved into the realm of fashion public relations.

Q: What are your top 3 items you couldn’t live without?

A: The top 3 items I probably couldn’t live without are my iPhone, my iPhone charger and my credit card.

Q: How would you define your style?

A: As a style blogger, oddly enough I never know how to answer the “how do you define your style” question. I feel like I don’t have a particular style, I’m very versatile. One thing I can say is that I am far from preppy. I like to standout and make a statement with whatever I’m wearing. I don’t like to adhere to dress codes. I want to wear, what I want to wear, when and how I want to wear it. I think my style can be best described as confident.

Q: With everyone trying to be a blogger these days, how does your style stand out?

A: There are so many people trying to become a blogger nowadays and I think that’s great. I think everyone has something different to bring to the table and share with the world. Due to the large influx of people trying to become a blogger it’s hard to make yourself standout. I try to make myself standout by curating interesting eye-catching looks. My photos are artsier and a little more editorial based than the standard “here is my outfit” photo.

Q: What trends do you see popular right now in the fashion world?

A: For summer 2017, huge trends include: vintage 90’s sunglasses, gingham prints, interesting earrings, layering of gold chains, stripes, yellow hues, banker stripes, slides and shirts with structured sleeves/ties.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A: In the next 5 years, I see myself having a thriving successful blog with loyal followers and multiple partnerships. I will have expanded my brand to include interior décor and travel. I’ll have a small team of 1-2 people. By that time, I’ll have a projected end date in place for my book launch. I will have secured a deal with a well-known brand to collaborate and design a curated collection.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know about you?

A: So She Wore is a place where I can share my style and my take on trends. It’s somewhere where I can openly share details of my style journey. I envision So She Wore as place for others to come for outfit inspiration, to keep up with trends and somewhere they can learn how to add a little more style to their lives. As a blogger, endorsing products for money regardless of whether you like it or not is tempting. I believe the most important aspect of So She Wore is that it will always remain an open and honest platform and I will always stay true to my brand and my beliefs.

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