tyler skyy's debut release "solo"

tyler skyy gets personal and talks about his new release of "solo," the process and this musical journey of good vibrations he has been on.

Q: Can you talk about your process when creating this track?

A: Solo's creation process was a little different from anything I've previously done. A little while back I was asked to take part in this "studio performance" style video where I was being filmed recording a verse over my choice of production. I reached out to my friend BuggattiBeatz and explained what I was looking for and we ended up with the beat for Solo. Before even hearing the production I was planning on just writing one verse to have ready for the video, but once I heard it I was blown away and knew I needed to write a full song. Then I ended up hitting pretty bad writers block and had the first verse written for about a month or so before I even wrote anything for the rest of the song.

Q: How does this track stand out from your previous songs?

A: To me, this one has a totally different overall vibe than anything previous. To be honest, I just wanted to make something fun and unique from everything else I've done. I feel like we did a good job at that.

Q: Who have you collaborated to make “Solo”?

A: It was myself and BuggattiBeatz (Oliver Garrett) who created the song. He fully produced it and did a fantastic job. I wrote and mixed it. But my good friend/long time collaborator Cam Boyer masters everything I make. So he put the final touches on it to bring it all together.

Q: What are the themes you talk about in this song?

A: Lately I've been going through a bit of a refining moment in my life. Re-thinking my direction and focusing on the bigger picture. Solo is literally a reflection of where my head space is at currently. I'm more motivated than ever and I feel extreme confidence in myself, my friends, my family, and my overall journey right now. I tried to be as honest and straight forward as possible throughout and there's things in there that I have wanted to say for a little while now.

Q: What is your thought process when writing?

A: The thought process for this was as simple as: Write an honest song about where you currently are mentally and pack it full of nothing but good vibrations.

Q: What genre of music do you classify yourself under? Do you find it difficult to really pinpoint your sound?

A: YES. I love this question. I mean technically, I'm mostly rapping. So if you want to go the technical route, it's rap. But that just barely scrapes the surface.. I see it as so much more than just music or just a genre to classify myself or just a label to put on it. Sound is literally vibrations, and these are Good Vibrations. I've actually started labelling the genre of my new stuff in my iTunes and Soundcloud as Good Vibrations. I feel like that's my true genre.

Q: Do you have any new projects coming up?

A: So much new stuff is on the way very, very soon.. I am so excited to start rolling it out. Solo is just the beginning.

​Q: Can you talk about possibly some struggles or up and downs you have had while producing this track?

A: Well I definitely struggled with writer's block early on. I wrote the first verse for that video I was going to be featured in, then I just hit a wall. Wrote and scrapped the chorus a handful of times before I landed on the final version, then the second verse was tough to start because I knew what I wanted to say but when I tried to say it, it just didn't feel real enough. I think I was trying to dance around the subject too much, but once I decided to just go straight to the point it just all came out naturally and seamlessly.

​Q: You say “been hungry for a while now this journey tastes different” can you talk about this for a bit?

A: Ah, thank you for asking this. It's so trippy because I'm listening to the song right now and as I read that question that line played like 2 seconds after........... woah. Anyways, the hunger stands for my desire. The thing that fed that hunger was opportunity. Success. I've been so hungry for "success" and for this to work all out but I didn't even know what that meant to me. I just knew I wanted SOMETHING. So I'd "eat" anything. Took any opportunity that came to me. But recently I finally realized what my favourite meal is and what I love to eat, and it's a whole lot different than a lot of the things I was going for before. That's where the different taste comes in. So when I say I've been hungry for a while I mean I've been out here trying to find the right food (opportunity, happiness) day in and day out for years now, and when I say the journey tastes different I mean I've just found my favourite meal and I'm about to gain a hell of a lot of weight.

​Q: Do you have anything else you want people to know about you?

A: Just know that anything I ever do, I put my entire heart into it. I don't know how long we've got in life, I don't know where any of us are going, I just know that we all have a purpose. This is mine. I've had multiple heart surgeries and I'm extremely lucky to be here today. I'll never take that for granted. Nothing but good vibrations.