Kent Donguines "Iridescence"

Kent Donguines discusses his short film Iridescence, the perseverance and patience gone in with producing and all that comes with it.

Q: How did you get into producing?

A: It all started when I was into Producing small events and music festivals back in the Philippines. After that, an opportunity opened for me when I got accepted to go to Vancouver Film School (VFS). Within my entire school year with VFS, I’ve been producing projects after projects not only student films but also independent short films.

Q: Can you talk about your day-to-day routine?

A: My daily routine is not as simple as “eat-sleep-rave-repeat” type of thing. It’s more complex in a way that I’m already thinking of new projects to do while at work and while doing a film project. I’m just very motivated every time an idea comes to mind.

Q: Do you have a trained background in producing?

A: Yes, but producing in a different field of the entertainment industry. I can say that I’ve been trained pretty well by my producing mentors during and after film school. Both Jayme Pfahl and Cheryl Lee Fast (Canadian Producers) helped me understand the ups and downs of producing in the film industry.

Q: Your short film Iridescence has been selected/awarded in 7 festivals/competitions; can you talk about this and how you are feeling about this amazing accomplishment?

A: Iridescence is still on its festival run and right now it’s standing with 9 laurels on it. It’s a VFS Final Project written and directed by my good friend, Max Beauchamp. I can say that it’s a great honour to produce this film not only because of the various unique elements happening in the story. The way it was presented to me, it’s a film where all dialogues are replaced by dance and body movements. The moment I heard about it, I thought of it as another way of story-telling and let other people to know that a film like this can still touch other people’s lives and relate to it.

It’s probably one of my great accomplishments so far, thanks to the entire cast and crew who worked so hard behind-the-scenes to make this film a visually-compelling film. For Mayra, our Production Designer who gave us her creative designs and inputs in making the film not so empty. For Kang, our Director of Photography, who lit every set the sharpest way possible together with her team. For Vera, our 1st Assistant Director, who did not only make sure that we’re on time but also for helping us mold the story at its finest. For DB, our Editor, who showed exemplary editing techniques while resetting the timeline every time there’s a new cut. Last, for Armando, our Composer, who was probably very much pressured to beat deadlines with us with his music and sound designing skills. Of course, again to ALL the people who made this possible.

Q: Where do you see yourself taking your producing career?

A: I see myself in the near future, hopefully Producing feature films and music videos. It’s been a part of my character already and it made me look into things not just into detail but also how everything in life is “logistically” possible.

Q: Can you discuss the themes in your film Iridescence?

A: “One of the biggest themes we are exploring is acceptance and self-love that is why we will be using reflections as a motif. In this story both Vince and Logan are struggling to accept their true self, repressing every emotion that can remind them of who they truly are. What Shelby represents is the force pushing them towards their journey, making them look at themselves in a whole new way.” – Max Beauchamp, Director

Q: What advice do you have for someone starting out producing?

A: Get some sleep while you can. Make sure to have patience and dedication with you ALL the time.

Q: Will you be attending the Vancouver International Film Festival this year?

A: Hopefully, we submitted Iridescence for this year’s VIFF and we’re very hopeful.

Q: Do you have any new projects coming up?

A: I have a couple coming up. We just pitched and we’re waiting for the results for “The Offside Rule” on this year’s Storyhive 100K Edition. We’re currently in post-production for an experimental film called “Grey” directed by my good friend S.J. van Breda and just finished a Storyhive Music Video in collaboration with Raiel called “Serpentine Fire.” Hopefully, more projects to come! (if I don’t get tired.)

Q: Where does your passion come from?

A: It’s all motivation from different aspects of life. If there’s one particular answer to this question, it’s from my family who never stopped supporting me.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know about you?

A: It’s only the beginning! There’s more to come. Check out my website, for more updates.