The Art and Execution of Jordan Ting and Tristan Cabida

Jordan Ting and Tristan Cabida, both visual and creative genius' collaborate to create the most engaging and unique creative content. With Jordan's passion for photography and Tristan's love of clothing and fashion they produce visual content that truly embodies themselves.

Q: Can you talk about each of your backgrounds and how you got involved in photography/fashion and the visual realm?

J: Growing up, I've always been more on the creative end of the spectrum, compared to the logical. Whether it be drawing, painting, or building things with my bare hands, expressing myself creatively has always been a part of who I am. I have always been intrigued by the aesthetics of our city, so during the Summer of 2015 I took the initiative to get out of my comfort zone and explore the areas within this great city on my own. I started off using my iPhone and whatever pleased my eye would be found on my camera roll. Through that, my passion for photography developed immensely. Ever since then, I've continuously invested time into expanding my abilities within photography and visual art.

T: Growing up, I've always loved clothing and fashion. I thought it was a sure-shot way to express myself. When I was younger I loved matching my shirt and my shoes. I didn't have outfit days, but colour-oriented days. I would match my red yankees cap with my red kicks, and then the next day I'd wear my blue cookie monster hat with my blue vans. I loved tumblr and anyone who used it knows of the hundreds of beautiful visuals, which were present on the platform. I wanted to do something crazy when I grew up and I knew it had to do with meshing visuals and fashion. A couple years later, as I dropped out of college, I decided to put my full effort into becoming a personal trainer. I also decided to give modeling a shot. For me, it wasn't even about being the best or having the coolest clothes but it became a genuine outlet of self-expression. I was infatuated not by the prestige of becoming a “male model,” but rather the excitement of being able to create art.

Q: As a duo you collaborate with various clothing brands in which you create content for. Can you discuss the content you create and which clothing brands you have worked alongside?

T: So far, this year, we are producing for our 22nd international collaboration! We aim to push through as many creative barriers as possible. I refuse to settle for the typical, traditional, or the current standard of the “influencer” community. With regards to effort, within concept creation and overall creativity, I feel like there's very little being put in. We aim to step the bar up, every single time. Some of our favorite brands that we have worked alongside are Other UK, Stationary Denim, and Years of Merci.

Q: Can you talk about the current project you are working on and maybe discuss the themes and the process of creating this project?

T: Currently we have just completed an editorial for “Project X Paris,” as well as “Spitfire Sunglasses,” and we are awaiting the beginning of our partnership with Daniel Wellington. Over the past couple months; Jordan has established his own home studio where we completed the majority of the shots for these two editorials! We wanted to emit a vibrant mood in the shots taken, so we used materials around us such as tissue paper to alter the colour of the light that is being emitted. Most importantly, we are working on the second installment of “The Chronicles Of Stixx,” which we will be releasing in the near future.

Q: How do you prepare for a photo shoot and what are your steps within your collaboration?

J: When it comes to editorials, we usually start off by scouting for a location that can fit the theme we're trying to aim for. For example, in our first editorial for "Other UK,” we wanted to express a "grungy" vibe. So while walking around, we found this location near BC Place. It was the PERFECT location. This spot was mounted with sand within an underpass. Right behind this mountain of sand was a fence that had a hole through it so you coulf enter through the fence. We couldn't have asked for a better spot for our first editorial. Now back to talking about the steps during our collaboration... During a shoot, Tristan is fairly easy to shoot, as I don't have to say much to get him to strike the right pose. With a certain theme come certain poses, and not only does he understand that, but he executes it as well. We also like to give each other input on how the other person can improve and how the photos can come out better. Sometimes he'll tell me to try a new perspective, and sometimes I'll tell him little things he can do to add depth.

Q: Tristan can you talk about your creation and artistry of “Behind the Mask” and also “The Chronicles of Stixx”

T: In Vancouver, nearly everyone born out of the millennium generation, here in Vancouver, attempts to either be 1. a model and 2. a photographer. You can imagine the difficulty of standing out. In a room of individuals with god-like looks, you're not going to stand out even if you're the slightest bit better looking than the next guy; it's simply not enough. In a room filled with models trying to one-up each other, you can't miss that dude in the black mask. I started out with a cloth mask, during the earlier stages of this trend. I started wearing it, and unconsciously, in the way that I modeled, I began portraying this eerie character whenever it came on. I knew that people would only know me as Tristan with the mask, unless I called this character it's own name. I called him Stixx. We basically created a story based on the origins of this character, hence “ The Chronicles Of Stixx.” We are currently in the midst of creating the second installment/ season of, The Chronicles. We have restructured the entire story line, it's overall look, and we have added more characters. We are very excited to share this in the near future.

Q: Jordan and Tristan is there a genre or specific aesthetic you go for when shooting together?

J: Our main goal is to create a visual that best represents how we're feeling at that moment and the theme that we're trying to achieve. For editorials, the aesthetic entirely depends on the style of apparel that we receive. For example, if we were to receive a tracksuit, then the specific aesthetic would be a sporty look. There have been two times that we've been sent tracksuits and during both those times we decided to use a track field and a basketball court as the setting. It really depends on what we receive, but all in all, we just wait to ensure that we create the best visuals we possibly can.

Q: Who inspires both of you to do what you do?

T: I am inspired by several figures actually.These include: “The Rock, J.cole, Arnold Schwarzennegar, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Connor McGregor, Muhammad Ali, to name a few. I look up to The Rock, J.cole, Will, Arnold, and Denzel because these people are what I define as true role models in the industry. With all their fame and fortune, they still display humility and honesty to the public and the fact that they haven't lost themselves in their own fame is extremely admirable to say the least. My deepest goal is to become like these individuals by becoming a figure of positive influence not swayed by the hype, a true role model. I look up to people like Connor and Muhammad because of their grit and their overall conviction, something I believe I have within me as well. Their conviction and their confidence in manifesting what they truly desire is astounding and almost magical.

J: To be honest, where most people would find inspiration from celebrities and popular artists, I do not. Where I receive the majority of inspiration comes from my friends and family. To witness them support me and believe in what I do sparks a fire within my mind. To witness my friends put in the work to achieve what they want, inspires me to continue working hard and go through the certain stages necessary to succeed. Knowing that my family has sacrificed a lot for me and supported me dropping out of school to go after the distinct life that I want to live inspires me to always - and I mean always - get back on my two feet no matter how tough the situation may be. I'm inspired to do what I'm doing now because of how much belief they have in me, and not only will I not allow myself to let them down, but I will not allow myself to disappoint myself as well. The question posed was probably expecting an answer involving a certain photographer or artist that inspires me to create art, but the answer given above resonates with me the most and feels the most appropriate to express. The love, hustle, and support from my friends and family inspire me to do what I'm doing now - working.

Q: Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?

J: This is a crazy question to answer haha. Honestly, I don't want to say or predict too much as I prefer to work in silence compared to creating shouts and echoes, but I definitely see myself having an established business with Tristan, travelling from country to country individually and collectively on business trips, going on tours, being involved with philanthropy, and that's all I'm going to say for now. To sum it up nice and short, I see myself doing the same thing that I'm doing now, which is simply, just working.

T: In the next 5 years, I see us as a duo doing what we do full-time, travelling the world. I see a potential extension of our artistry bleeding into video, film, music, and much more. I see us dominating Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. And lastly, I see us having one of the most powerful, and ever-growing, influences of our generation.

Q: You have done numerous editorials- what do you think makes you successful and what advice do you have for someone wanting to pursue a career in content/visual art creation?

T: Follow your own balls. Everyone else's work is a model of what you shouldn't do or copy. Not to say that you shouldn't be inspired by other pieces of work but rather ensure that you are creating something that truly embodies you, not the person that is swayed by mainstream society.

J: I will be quite frank, I myself would not describe myself or us as "successful" yet, in terms of "making it big" or being successful on a global scale. I like to use terms like that very carefully and be mindful in the way people interpret it. But what I do think makes us successful in terms of being approved by brands and companies to work with and have them believe in us is our different approach to producing visuals for editorials. We live and breathe the idea of elevating what is going on now and do our very best to hold ourselves high on our own standards. I think that our want to outdo ourselves on every project that we're working on helps us improve and work better. We are usually very in sync while executing editorials, which makes the work flow perfect. I could sit down with all of you one on one and tell you everything that I have learned over the past year while embarking on this journey, but the one piece of advice that sums up everything you'll ever need to know is to just do it. Don't know where to start with everything? Put content out. Good or bad, get it out there, and by get it out there I mean have the final product in front of your eyes and potentially others' too. There is no science or "secret" behind pursuing a career in content creation or any career for that matter. Creating content is trial and error, creating the worse visuals ever, to improving on that visual. Once you go through the stages of being horrible at something, your work will begin to take a turn. My number one rule? Don't get fancy with the process.

Q: Jordan you have shot for various events, editorials and personal work. How do keep up to date and on trend with what events are coming and what you want to shoot?

J: Photography and visual art itself is evolving at an incredible speed. I think that instead of trying to keep up to date with everything, execute the way that feels most right to you. Do less of trying to imitate others, and more of creating your own vibe and way. There's a niche for everything. If there's anything to keep up on, I believe that it's on execution, not a trend.

Q: Do you have anything you want your viewers to know about you?

T: I am a crazy motherf*cker with some big dreams.

J: I really love connecting with others and learning a thing or two from everyone so feel free to contact me if you ever want to just chat and grow together!

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