Westward Music Festival 2017 Recap

Westward Music Festival began September 14th-17th 2017. This is a bit of a recap of the eight artists that were showcased during the event. Youngblood, a local Vancouver band took the stage at The Vogue Theatre. "Heavily inspired by the French electronic retro-futurist duo Air, Young has described her music as what the ’60s thought the future would sound like.” They opened the stage for Bishop Briggs, a British musician who has risen to fame with her hit song "River." Friday night, Cousin Stizz, American rapper based out of LA performed at The Biltmore, which was a small venue for the talented Stizz- with a huge crowd of hype fans all up in his face. Saturday back at The Vogue Theatre, Charlotte Day Wilson took the stage with her southing and melodic performance. To finish the night off Vince Staples performed some of his hit tracks "Big Fish" and "Norf Norf." Sunday, Craig Corea and Howl opened the stage at The Biltmore with maSHerman getting the crowd crazy, along with a talented performance by Neon Dreams.