BAINS Debut Album "Northwest"

Get to know Pritpaul Bains, Vancouver's up and coming artist who has just recently released "Northwest." BAINS takes us through a journey of his musical process and the dedication and hard work put in to making this album.

Q: Can you talk about your earliest memories of music?

A: I was 3 years old and my dad played me the Slim Shady LP by Eminem and Doggystyle by Snoop. I shouldn’t have been listening to it, but I remember going home and talking to my mom and telling her all about it and her getting mad. I wasn’t allowed to listen to hip-hop until I was around 8/10 years old.

Q: When did you start getting into rapping?

A: 12 and I did it on the sneak until I was 15. Somebody walked by me and saw me writing and they were like, “hey I want to hear what you have to offer” and it went on from there. I always wanted to make music; I wanted to play guitar, piano, drums but my dad never let me do any of that and we didn’t really have money for the instruments. It was never an option until I got to high school in which there was a school band, so I was able to rent music equipment.

Q: What was the process like creating this album you just released “Northwest”?

A: Stressful. I got some outside help with production but for the most part I do everything myself in my basement. I’ve gotten a lot of help; meeting with Sam and Geoff of So Loki has been huge. They’ve taught me so much. I don’t think I would’ve been able to make this album with out them, and of course Jacob Hoskins. I’m kind of on an island- In Delta there is no one else out there its just Angelo and I. It is stressful but now that’s its over its rewarding-feels like the hard work has paid off. I’ve had so many opportunities pop up and I don’t think I would have gotten this interview if it weren’t for this album.

Q: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

A: They evolved as I got older- Younger me listened to a lot of Eminem then I was into Tech N9ne for a while. I was really into that whole lyrical rap thing as well as underground rap. In the later years of high school I started to open myself up to a lot of different genres- now my taste is more eclectic. I don’t think there’s really one thing that hip-hop is supposed to be- I think its fluid and it’s evolving. Travis Scott, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and So Loki are also huge inspirations.

Q: What has been one of your most memorable performances to date?

A: There’s been a couple- the two that stick out to me the most would be the one that I did at Fortune where me and bbno$ co headlined. There was around 100-150 people, that was wild. The biggest show was when I got to open for So Loki at Seasons Festival, which was massive. They didn’t have to give me that opportunity, and I appreciate it very much.

Q: How has your music developed since first starting rapping to now?

A: I didn’t ever really picture myself as a producer and the thought of it was super intimidating. The only reason I started producing was because I went online and looked at what beats cost and they were in the thousands and I didn’t have any money so I just started myself. My music has evolved quite a bit since I started. I always thought I was going to be just a dude who rapped but I started to take things seriously. The producing thing is still a journey for me.

Q: What are your thoughts on the rap scene in Vancouver?

A: It’s amazing. I’ve only been connected with it for 10 months and the amount of growth I’ve seen in that time has been unreal. I was just on the way from the hospital with my dad and heard So Loki on the radio. That’s crazy; I never thought that would happen let alone this soon. It is insane and it couldn’t have happened to more deserving people. Everyone out here is working really hard and I think people are starting to see the results.

Q: What is your favourite track on your album and why?

A: 2fvded (feat. Fvde) would be my personal favourite that’s closet to my heart. That’s a song that I didn’t think I could ever make because it’s more of a pop song. Northwest (feat. So Loki) because that’s the first time I had gotten a feature and So Loki came to me and asked me if they could be on my album.

Q: You feature a lot of talented artists on Northwest- what was it like working with such a wide range of artistry?

A: It was cool. These people have all become my friends over the past 10 months and all of it was super natural. I didn’t ask anyone for anything. bbno$ heard Bros live at a concert and wanted to be on the track, same with my collaboration with So Loki. I want to do more of that this year- more collaboration and less staying in a house by myself.

Q: What would be your dream collaboration?

A: Kanye

Q: Have you had any setbacks in your life that have maybe at times stopped you from following this path?

A: When I was younger I used to have quite the drug problem- that’s kind of what this album is about, me trying to stay sober in a city where no one is sober. It has been tough, I’ve been to rehab a few times when I was younger. I’m long over this stuff now and I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t been in rehab. My dad also used to be quite the alcoholic and that used to be a big burden at one point in time. He has been sober for 8 years now and has changed his life around. My mom just got diagnosed with lupus, which weighs on me quite a bit. There have been times where I spend all this money on music and I think maybe I should do something that could make a little bit more money so I can help her in the future.

Q: Where did the name BAINS evolve from?

A: Before the name BAINS, I was going on this whole purple theme. My nickname used to be purple and my name is Pritpaul and no one knew how to say it. I then changed it to something else that we won’t talk about that was so embarrassing. Then from there when I re-launched myself I was thinking hard and I liked the idea of representing family. I knew my first name didn’t work and I didn’t know if my last name worked so I just went with it.

Q: Do you have anything else you want people to know about you?

A: I have a couple new singles and I’m planning to put quite a bit out in the next year. I’m a pretty private dude but I put it all

out there in my music- watch out for more of me.