The Honest Art Process of Kira Riess

UK Girl Kira Riess talks aestheitc, her recent release of "All I Do" and her inspirations in the music scene.

​Q: Where were you born and where do you currently live?

A: I was born in Coventry, in the UK! The only thing we’re (half) famous for is Lady Godiva hahah. I currently live in New Westminster and work in Vancouver.

Q: You have a very unique aesthetic how did you get involved in the fashion world and modelling?

A: Thank you! I used to work with vintage fashion, so moving here and seeing Value Village etc. has really inspired me to keep that up! I did some modelling here and there back at home - but Vancouver really gave me the opportunity to reinvent myself (as cheesy as that sounds!). I didn’t know anyone here when I moved, so I started reaching out to different types of creatives, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many!

Q: Do you have an educational background in visual arts?

A: I actually don’t! I’d love to go back to school and study something artistic one day though (when I can decide which I’d pursue aaaah).

Q: Who are your top fashion icons?

A: I loooove Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder’s style back in the 90’s. Bit of a random one but I love the androgynous looks from back then!

Q: What do you do for work?

A: I currently work in retail planning at oak+fort HQ!

Q: When did you start getting into music?

A: I started playing acoustic guitar when I was 9 I think, then properly a couple years later. Honestly for a while, all I’d play was Taylor Swift songs because life seemed so dramatic hahaha. I realized soon that I could write my own lyrics, and that honestly was such a huge escape for me throughout school. It was kinda therapeutic how I could deal with any situation by using that as an outlet. #deep

Q: How would you define your sound?

A: I’ve been told it’s very brit-pop/indie so I guess I’d agree!

Q: What was your process when creating “All I Do”?

A: I had been writing for ever, and was so focused on my stuff being perfect that I lost all enjoyment. The lyrics had to be perfect, the vocals, the guitar, etc. It became mathematical. Then I had a particularly *emotional* day, and just started writing rough lyrics - I don’t even know if they were lyrics at first - they were just my thoughts. Then I just recorded a demo in pretty much one take. I added some backing tracks, guitar loops etc. and just tried to keep that emotion while mastering it.

Q: Can you talk about some of the themes within this track?

A: I just tried to write a messy, honest song about love. I don’t even know if it qualifies hahah. I realized that when you’re going through a shitty time - you don’t want to hear a song about how everything will work out in the end. And it feels like a disservice to that person to try and summarize the relationship by saying " miss you/I miss what we had”. So I wanted to write a song about the personal journey of realizing a life without someone - from the desperation and mania, to the mundane days of waiting for nothing, to the growing and becoming of oneself again. And how those days sometimes aren’t in chronological order, and sometimes you’re still going to miss them at the end of it.

Q: Can you give us a bit of a hint to what your music video will involve?

A: It’s going to involve a lotttttta creative styling! There will definitely be some more definitive themes in there - as I mentioned the crazy / the despondent / the polished.I want people to see it and know that it’s okay to be every single version of yourself at once hahah. And we’ve got wigs. And an old dial phone.

Q: Who are some of your inspirations in the music scene?

A: Kate Nash for sure hahaaaa. I love how she can totally transform with every track she makes - but she’s always unapologetically herself. Aaaaand The Front Bottoms. I love how they master the ability to write honest music. Like singing about such small, seemingly unimportant details of a situation just make their songs so personal and realistic I guess. I love that shit.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A: I have no idea! If you’d have told me I’d be here I’d probably have laughed and told you to shut up or something! (Not really). The past year has been about growth, and I hope to take my experiences and keep making honest art, keep being a good person and keep spreading more of what the world needs (LOVE & HONESTY!!!!!).

Q: What are your most cherished items?

A: Red lipstick. Dr Martens. And probably my phone and Macbook. Now that’s what I call a millennial...

Q: Do you have anything else you want people to know about you?

A: I have this constant fear whilst texting/talking that I come across as being too self-involved. Like I will count the amount of times I use “I” or “me”. So doing this interview has been HELLA crazy for me! ~ But 100% a blast! Thanks for having me!