Outr3achmusic & J-Marin New Release "Worth It (feat. Kaitlin Grace)"

Homam is a 21-year-old producer from Vancouver, BC. He’s a full-time student with a passion for music production. Homam started his journey 4 years ago, but only began releasing music mid 2017 with his independent release of “Need Your Body Now” which gained over 250 thousand plays on Spotify alone. Now his second release was signed onto Lowly Palace, and supported on Trap Nation.

For this track, All 3 of us are from different countries, I’m [outr3ach] from Vancouver Canada, J-Marin is from Venezuela, and Kaitin is from Australia. Me and J-marin randomly messaged each other after my last independent release “Need Your Body Now” and from there we started working on a few projects, so expect to see more work from us!

This track started out with just the little vocal chop melody that you hear through the track. We based the entire track off of that melody and we actually finished this track over 6 months ago. The first version that was finished and wanted to release was a non vocal version where the verses were just made up of the vocal chops and then there was a drop. However, I got a lot of feedback from channels when we were looking to release and everyone was saying "Oh this track would sound so sick with some vocals on it.” So I changed my mind and decided to rework it with some vocals. That’s when I hit up Kaitlin, and asked if she'd like to write to it and within a few weeks we finished writing everything and it became the way it was.

I’d say it’s a radio friendly electronic track, with a lot of pop elements. My favourite part would definitely be the vocal chops, especially in the second verse when we lower the pitch of the vocal chops and they essentially turn from a female sounding chops to a male's. I think that part really adds a lot of emotion to it.

Making this track was a really interesting journey as we went through many different versions and a few different drops until we got to this version, which finally sounds great! I enjoy the collaboration process since everyone sees things from their own perspective and everyone has a different approach.