The Creative Minds Behind Sovereign Dance Company

Vancouver's collaborative group of dancers and entrepreneurs come together to talk about the evolution of Sovereign Dance Company and the next steps in their creative process.

Q: Can you talk about the background of Sovereign Dance and how it came to be?

A: Sovereign started with a group of young entrepreneurs to showcase overall ambition for skills on and off stage. The group creates a collaborative competition to push each other towards a stronger version of ourselves. Sovereign promotes the;

-Strive for supremacy

-Own your voice

-Versatility & Creativity

Q: Who are some of the companies you have collaborated with?

A: Sovereign has focused working locally in the lower mainland with studios and various street brands. Sovereign mainly focuses on performing at big events featuring local artist and clothing brands within Vancouver. However, sovereign has worked internationally recently working with collaborators in Hawaii this past year.

-Distrikt Movement Studios, Frontrvnners, VanSwim, Lululemon

-Our events include wedding performances, Vancity Street Fashion Show, VanSwim Fashion Show, Hawaii Charity formance, music vdieos for local artists

-More Details:

Q: How many people are involved with Sovereign Dance Company?

A: Kenneth P. and Josh E. are the current Directors of Sovereign Dance Company. Currently the group stand with 5 other dance members that Ken + Josh have met and worked with throughout their dance careers (Jay Brain, Shae Gibb, Lloyd Gunner, Joseph Rostata and Mark Tapyan). Julima G. and Leslie T. are currently in charge behind the scenes with inside work facing Social Media, Partnerships and Collaborations.

Q: Where do you see the company in the next 5 years?

A: Open up a dance studio of our own, collaborate with other dance crews and other choreographers, create an industry portfolio and to inspire and : Strive for Supremacy, Own your voice, Versatility + Creativity

5 years from now we want Sovereign as one of the respected dancers in Vancouver, made our own print, running merch business already and putting all together things for our studio.

Q: How did the name Sovereign Dance evolve?

A: The name comes from ideal of kingship, a community and family; the meaning has ultimate power in our values of confidence and ownership

Q: How long have you all been dancing?

A: As a collective team, we have all been dancing together for a bit over a year now. Individually, our members dance experience and training ranges from 3-10 years; working with other dance teams or starting out in high school dance teams and practices.

Q: What is the dance scene like in Vancouver? Do you think what you’re doing is unique?

A: Vancouver has a very diverse dance scene. The dance scene is more focused on competing locally or internationally. What makes Sovereign unique in Vancouver’s dance industry is that we’re trying to reach out into the industry side. More brand and commercial work than street competitions. What makes us unique is we are the only team collaborating locally with street brands and fashion shows outside other known collaborative related dance events. Sovereign shows love to the community and empowering each other to become better at the industry we are striving for.

Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far for Sovereign Dance?

A: Lululemon + Vice Collab Hawaii, VanSwim + Urban Street Fest

Q: Who is involved in your creative direction and process with your company?

A: Sovereign media branding goes along an industrial classy street vibe. Kenneth P (Founder/Director) + Josh E (Co. Director) work collectively among the other members with the creative direction of the team sets performed.

Q: Do you have anything else you want your viewers to know about Sovereign Dance?

A: We are all young ambitious entrepreneurs with drive and determination to collectively bring all their skills of business and dance into one. We would love to interact and work with more local artists and shows. There WILL be more to come within the next year; new merch, workshops, classes and other video projects.