The Musical Journey of Seattle's Producer/DJ LÖSH

LÖSH discusses his creative process, advice for pursing music, some of his influences and his recent track "Ur Love."

Q: Can you talk about your background and how you got into producing/dj-ing?

A: I’ve been producing sounds since I was in 5th grade, using Audacity and Mixcraft, man that stuff was awful lol. In college, I got my audio certification and started collaborating with other producers in my area (Portland at the time). They were mostly classmates but we all had our own visions and shared tips with each other. I then joined up with a few friends that threw events and started playing underground raves-literally in warehouses and old churches, it was grimy but fun and now I have some awkward old rave photos to look back on lol.

Q: Where were you born and where do you currently live?

A: I was originally born in Russia, moved to the states and now live in Seattle.

Q: Do you have an educational background in music?

A: Yeah, I played Alto Sax and Baritone in the school band. I had private lessons for a while, mostly theory but also some instrumentation, sometimes I play my sax when no one is watching. I did some composing work for the YCP in Oregon which was fun and then I was selected to be part of the John Lennon Education Tour bus, where I and a few other composed an original tune on a mobile recording studio- that was pretty rad.

Q: How did the name Lösh evolve?

A: It’s sort of a play on my nickname as a kid. Some of my friends called me that growing up and it just felt right to make it my alias- it feels like I’m staying true to my inner child. Q: What is your creative process like?

A: Random spurts of creativity at random times and places. Sometimes bangers are born, occasionally I stared at my computer and cry. It’s an intense relationship lol. Q: Can you talk about your recent track “Ur Love”?

A: Ur Love is a track that was inspired by my unconfronted feelings for someone special in my life. I sang my own vocals on it because it felt vulnerable and I’ve always wanted to sing.

Q: Who are some people you have worked with and who are some people that you would love to work with in the future?

A: I’ve gotten to work with a lot of really talented people. I recently played a show with Levitate & Macntaj, who are huge inspirations. There’s also a few collaboration projects I’m currently working on with Doozy, Moobek and others. If I could collaborate with anyone in the future I, would probably say Skrillex just because he always pushes the envelope with his sound in a way that is unique yet familiar. I grew up listening to him and his sound really inspired me to start producing. I feel like we would make a really unique track together. Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: In 5 years I honestly hope to be a better musician and be able to share my music around the world, you now.. making a living off of it and travelling with creative, awesome people. That has always been my dream, since I was a little kid. Q: How would you define your sound?

A: That’s a tough question. I really like to have organic sounds and effects in my music, but also a lot of bass at an energetic meter. The way I implement this varies though. Q: What advice do you have for someone wanting to pursue music?

A: Spend every day doing something that makes you a better musician/producer, Believe you are the best, because you are, and collaborate with others as often as possible

Q: Can you talk about one of your most memorable performances?

A: I got to play on the main stage at The Avalon in Hollywood which was really special because I had friends from all over the state drive out for the show. We had an Airbnb with a bunch of people and stayed up all night afterward hanging out, I can’t wait to go back in 2018.

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects that you want to talk about?

A: I have some new tracks coming out in the next month or two which I'm stoked about, and an exciting release coming out on my label, StoryTime. Q: Who influences you?

A: Big picture, I have a deep respect for anyone wholeheartedly committed to fulfilling their vision. From an artistic standpoint, I already mentioned Skrillex because he has always been a crazy influence for me- in the EDM community at least. I’m also really influenced by the Gorillaz and other alt-rock bands, their songwriting is always genuine.

Q: Do you have anything else you want people to know about you?

A: I just want everyone to know that I am super thankful for the support I’ve been given in my music, and the energy at my shows is something I hope everyone gets to experience. It’s like another world and honestly, I feel blessed to get to do what I do. 2018 here we go!