Emerging Vancouver Artist Cenzina Drops First Hip Hop Release "Please"

Fresh to the Vancouver music scene, Singer/ Songwriter Cenzina delivers powerful smokey vocals, to intimate lyrics and songwriting. Cenzina’s love for music grew from traditional childhood piano lessons into self-taught singing, guitar playing, music writing. While she prefers not to categorize herself under any one specific genre, Cenzina’s sound is influenced by artists from a range of genres from female powerhouses like Jhene Aiko , SZA and Lana Del Ray, to old school HIP HOP groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Digable plants, to classic rock bands like The Beatles. After first hitting the stage in June 2017, she’s recorded an acoustic demo and Hip Hop single to Soundcloud/Youtube and is working on an EP to be released next Fall.

'Please' is about the ups and downs of trying to navigate your own personal energy in a relationship where the attraction is high but so is the chaos, with distance acting as the Achilles tendon of it all. It’s about wanting to be with one person and wanting them to want to be with you and only you, even when circumstance isn’t setting that up to succeed.

I wrote ‘Please’ as a way to make sense of everything, to help navigate the space.The song’s structure mimics my inner dialogue about it all: thoughts bouncing back and fourth between desires and reality, the wanting of the relationship and the necessity of my own present needs and wellbeing. Writing the song was the starting point of finding that balance.



Instagram: @mariacenzina

Photography: Troy Forbes