Giorgi Holiday- Finding Their Sound and Loving Your Momma

I sat down with Giorgi Holiday and got to know a little bit about their creative process, the themes of their current project, the evolution of Giorgi Holiday and the message of always having gratitude in life and being open.

Q: Can you talk about your background and how you got involved in the music scene?

A: I started songwriting when I was around 8 and got introduced to my musical community in my hometown. Once I moved to Victoria and then onto Vancouver, I started doing more soul with a little hip-hop flavour as opposed to singer-songwriting stuff. I collided with a scene in Vancouver that was like minded and vibing on many different styles and I branched out which brought me to where I am now. Singing with my boo’s Tee Krispil and Jenny Lea have inspired me to dabble in these different genres that I love.

Q: How did you and Moxsa meet and can you talk about what it’s been like working together?

A: We first met at High School in Grade 12, we had a few classes together but took the big dive into our friendship when we were chatting at a party. Moxsa had just started writing music and wanted to get me singing on something so we decided to meet up the following week at his house. We wrote a song called ‘Corner Store’, it came from scratch - a guitar, four chords, and a notepad with lyrics. It was one of those things where we just instantly knew that we had something special. I don’t think there was ever a doubt from that point forward that we were going to do anything other than music with our future.

Q: As a musician can you discuss some of the strengths and what works well when you collaborate with others?

A: Being open and knowing that if you have an opinion about a track that it’s not always the right one. Taking other people’s criticism in a positive way and giving criticism in a positive way is key. Art is subjective as fuck but having a backup as of why and using your experiences to tell your story is really important.

Q: How did the name Giorgi Holiday evolve?

A: Holiday was my Great Grandfathers name on my mom's side of the family and I started going by the alias Giorgi Holiday because it has strong ties to my family and myself. It was only me for a long time creating my image and then Moxsa on the side writing my beats. Now Giorgi Holiday is both of us - it’s a cohesive thing. Josh sits down and writes a beat while I write the lyrics and we work together at the same time, creating a symbiosis. Mr. Stee, who plays guitar on most of our tracks, is also a part of our crew. It's grown into a team - that being Moxsa and myself, with Stefan as our right hand man.

Q: Who are your musical influences in life?

A: I grew up listening to Janis Joplin. That kind of raspy undertone in my voice was definitely influenced by Joplin as well as Etta James. When I was 11 when I got the Destiny's Child’ Survivor album that I would listen to on my walkman, I was infatuated with it. Right now I'm listening to this artist Tierra Whack who is a huge inspiration to me at the moment. She released a 15 track project and each track is a minute long, but completely unique on their own. She also created a music video that goes cohesively through the tracks and it’s unbelievably creative.

Q: How has your music evolved since you first began playing?

A: I used to sing the national anthem at our school assemblies - I was that bitch. I used to play folk in school and since then I’ve done a complete 180. I don’t have as much love for folk music as soul music these days. I’ve sung a lot of genres and I appreciate them all, but what I'm doing right now, it’s my niche. I’m so appreciative to have found that sound.

Q: What have been some of your most memorable performances to date and can you discuss this for a bit?

A: We used to play Studio Records and we were far from perfect. Fucking up and learning from those experiences has only created more immersive live shows that you’ll see from us now. The first show we threw on our own was this little art show - there was a lot of mistakes made but all those smaller shows we had when we were young were some of my favourite experiences.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A: On tour. One of the reasons I do this is for my mom and in the next 5 years, I want to be able to support her. She has been there, as support, for my whole life and it’s about time to reverse that role!

Q: Can you talk about some of the challenges you have maybe faced in your music career?

A: Finding my sound. I’ve sung for a long time and it took me a really long time to figure it out and I’m still experimenting every day! Also living in a big city is expensive as hell, making it difficult to fund a lot of our music endeavours, as well as support our friends own projects too.

Q: Can you talk about the current project you are working on and discuss the themes and process of creating this project?

A: We are working on two projects right now. The one I will talk about involves my mom which has been a huge inspiration for the EP, which we plan to release before the year ends. My mom worked her ass off when I was a kid and I don’t think I really knew all the work she put in until I grew up and became friends with her. Everything she did she sacrificed for me. I was having writer's block and I started writing about her and her story and where she came from. She came over to Canada when she was 16 and it took her a long time to get used to this country - I want to continue to create music about her and my family.

Q: In addition to music is there anything else that creatively inspires you?

A: I love drawing and dancing. I don’t dance well (hah) but the dance community in Vancouver is super inspiring.

Q: What is your process when creating a song?

We write in different ways. Most of the time we’re together in the studio - Moxsa is writing the track while I'm writing the lyrics next to him. We both have things to say during the process, we are a cohesive team that writes, performs, and creates our brand together with full creative direction spread throughout the group.

Q: In 5 words how would you describe yourself?

A: Family, funny, loyal, ratchet, sunshine.

Q: Do you have anything you want your viewers to know about you?

A: I've learned to be open and have gratitude for my life. Being accepting of yourself and other people is number one - I try to carry that out in my day-to-day life. I want to always send a message of acceptance, and of course, loving your momma.

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